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The Universe in your Hand, UK cover
The Universe in your Hand, UK cover
The Universe in your Hand, US cover
The Universe in your Hand, US cover









The Universe in your Hand

Published by Macmillan in the UK and by Flammarion in France, The Universe in Your Hand has been purchased for translation in 14 territories. Release date is 6th of March 2016 in the US (Flatiron Books) and I will soon know the release dates in South Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Italy, Latin America and Greece.
Here are the covers for the US and UK. They are very different, but I like them both, I think they’re cool!

The idea behind The Universe in your Hand was to write a pop-science book accessible to all in which the reader is the main character.

The Universe in your Hand takes you on a journey throughout the universe, both far away in space and time, and far within, in the rather strange realm of the very small.

If you wonder what the Big Bang is, and what lies beyond, the book is for you!

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22 thoughts on “OUT NOW ! pop-science Essay”

  1. Hi Doctor Galfard, I have just finished reading a proof copy of your book, The Universe in Your Hand, and would just like to say what an amazing journey it was reading it! I simply could not put the book down once I started. I would definitely recommend the book to everyone interested in science and space, or those who would just like to know more about the universe.

  2. This book is just amazing… I started reading it yesterday and I am spending all my free time reading it! Wonderful!..makes science more accessible to everybody and gives the wider perspective of seeing the world we live in. Congratulations Doctor Galfard!

  3. My nephew was born this year and as a family tradition we gift new members with a book that they will one day read. This amazing book is my gift to him – I believe it will still hold sway in a decade or two as well as challenge him to discover if some of the mysteries have been solved. Mad respect – love from South Africa.

    1. Dear Gabriel, I consider it a true honor. Hopefully, I will meet your nephew in a couple of decades’ time and he will be the one updating me on it all! Wishing you both a very happy new (and first) year. Christophe

  4. I am half way through The Universe in your Hand, and I have enjoyed every moment of reading it. I am always excited about moving on to the next section. I would love to let my grandchildren know what a fascinating place our universe is; could you please write a children’s version of this book.

  5. “L’Univers à portée de main” est un chef-d’œuvre à mes yeux ! Je le recommande à tous !

    « La nature nous offre la possibilité de la découvrir, pas nécessairement de la comprendre. Il nous faut l’accepter telle qu’elle est. », « Nos sens sont nos fenêtres sur le monde, mais ce ne sont que de minuscules hublots donnant sur une immense mer qui nous est inconnue. »

    La curiosité, l’imaginaire et la science se mêlent pour permettre un jour aux hommes de continuer l’aventure, dans ce bel Univers cachotier et surprenant, ou ailleurs. Donc, même si vous n’êtes pas des scientifiques chevronnés, vous êtes concernés par cette quête, vous pouvez y participer, ne serait-ce qu’en lisant ce livre. Une lecture passionnante et enrichissante, qui répond à certaines questions, mais pas à toutes. De quoi laisser la place à la philosophie, aux scénarios les plus farfelus (un bon terreau pour les romanciers et les cinéastes), aux poètes, aux rêveurs, à la religion….

    Moi qui suis passionné d’astronomie depuis tout petit et ayant lu beaucoup de livre sur ce sujet, c’est le premier qui m’a ému à ce point (à la fin du roman, lors des remerciements).


  6. Dr Christophe Galfard, I have just finished your book “The Universe in your hand” and I can’t help writing to you to express how moved and grateful and happy I am!
    Your book is a gift to people!!! Reading it I went back to my academic years, back in my lab in Imperial College, I remembered the first lecture I had on Quantum Mechanics and how excited I felt when I saw the Schrodinger equation for the first time!
    You have a rare skill, not only to be the remarkable scientist that you obviously are, but to love Physics so much and to share this love with others. I wish everybody who reads your book finds something in him/her with regards to science, to human thinking and to our universe.
    I am sure your book will inspire many of the great Scientists of the future! This is why I reached for the Greek Physicists community – where I am a member – and shared my point of view for your book. I hope it reaches more students and young Physicists.
    I wish you keep inspiring people!

  7. Absolute great book , thank you. I have immediately start to read it a second time.

    Is it possible to visit LIGA and are there guided tours?

    When are your next shows / talks and where ?


    1. Many thanks, dear Makkie,

      For possible visits of scientific experiments, I believe you should check their website.

      I’ll post infos on my next shows etc. on this website, but I’m taking some time off to write a new book.

      All best and thanks again !

  8. Bonjour,
    Encore merci pour votre livre. Ce domaine réserver aux théoriciens et penseurs nous est aujourd’hui, grâce à vous, accessible grâce à notre imagination. En mettant de côté les formules, aussi complexes qu’incompréhensibles, vous nous ouvrez les portes de l’Univers et par la même occasion la possibilité de se poser quelques questions. Je me permets donc de vous en poser une en espérant ne pas abuser de votre temps. Toutes les idées et formules mathématiques et physiques sont-elles à notre échelle de pensée ou couvrent-elles l’ensemble des possibilités. Je m’explique, en supposant qu’une fourmis puisse participer aux recherches, trouverait-elle les mêmes résultats ?

    Mes salutations


    1. Re-bonjour Patrice,
      Il est des mathématiciens (la plupart) qui pensent que les mathématiques sont un langage universel. Pour peu qu’une autre espèce en fasse, alors oui, elle devrait trouver les mêmes résultats.
      Bien à vous,

    1. Thank you Berta,
      I’ll probably be in Barcelona on Nov. 15 or 16 this year to give a public talk.
      I’ll post the details on this website as soon as I have them.
      Maybe you could come!

  9. Hi Christophe, I’ve been blown away by your book. I cannot stop reading it. I’ve never thought thta someone could explain those kind of things in such an easy and understandable way. Congratulations! By the way, I’m also from Barcelona. Did you already give that public talk?

  10. The Universe in your Hand, great read, even I could understand. I’m surrounded by Religious thinking so have nobody to discuss thoughts. I’m Agnostic on Religion. It’s not that I’m any smarter than my family and friends, I’m just much more curious.
    Reading is my sole outlet, thanks again, Jerry Dean

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