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On the Origins of the Universe

Intelligence Squared Event Royal Geographical Society, London
Intelligence Squared Event – Royal Geographical Society, London

Does time exist?

Was our universe born from a Big Bang, or from a Big Bounce triggered by a former universe imploding?

Is this the only universe, or are there infinite ones, all expanding in parallel and out of sight of each other?

These are some of the questions that will be tackled by world-renowned physicists Carlo Rovelli and Christophe Galfard when they come to the Intelligence Squared stage.

Date: July 18, 2016. Venue: Royal Geographical Society, London. To book tickets, click here.

Upcoming public talk: Guernsey, Saturday 19 September

Andromeda_Collides_Milky_WayAbove is what the night sky will look like in about four billion years.

Below is what author Gill Arbuthnott wrote after chairing my event in  Edinburgh last week:

“Chaired French physicist Christophe Galfard talking about The Universe in Your Hand. Christophe used a visual presentation so arresting that no one in the tent will ever need mind-altering drugs in the future, and took us on a swift tour to the edge of the universe and back again. The audience loved it and bought every copy of his book in Charlotte Square.”

If you are not afraid by this, come and listen to me in Guernsey, during the Guernsey Literary Festival, on Saturday 19 September. 

For the event’s details and to book a ticket, just click here.