6 thoughts on “The Universe In Your Hand – Paperback is out in the UK :-)”

  1. I am loving the book, the way you manage to explain such complex concepts and make them available for people with no scientific experience or knowledge. I just realize how ignorant I was until now on this. Thanks for enlightening me!
    I highly recommend this compelling reading!

  2. I have just finished this unbelievable book which was made so easy to follow due to such brilliant writing. Although it is frequently impossible to comprehend the vast distances of space and time it made awesome reading.
    What a brilliant achievement to make a subject so beyond most of our imaginations a little more understandable.
    Thanks for passing on your knowledge and expertise on the most fascinating of subjects.

  3. Hi, really enjoying your book ‘The Universe in your hand’ and exploring the cosmos! I never understood science at school but have always been fascinated by the planets, stars, and whatever lies beyond… I have just read your chapter about gravity and would like to ask: if we are subject to the Earth’s gravitational pull, how can we pull ourselves upright, climb stairs, play tennis? Why aren’t we all lying flat against the ground? Similarly how do birds fly against gravity? Sorry if this is a really stupid question! Thanks in anticipation!

    1. Hi Cat, and thanks for you message!

      Well, that’s because we can muster enough energy for our muscles to match the gravitational pull! Were we made of water, we would splash on the floor. But we’re not water, we have muscles etc.
      But on much denser planets where gravity’s pull might be much much stronger, we’d lie flat indeed.

      Hope that helps!
      All best,

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