After New-York and Stockholm in the past two weeks, I am now off to Athens and Torino for the Greek and Italian versions of “The Universe in Your Hand”.  If you are around, come and ask me questions about our universe! (The venues are listed below)Capture d’écran 2016-05-08 à 20.59.06The schedule for my public talks is:

Monday 9 May: Eugenides Foundation in Athens, at 19h00 (7pm)

Wednesday 11 May: Chania (Crete)

Friday 13 May: Torino (Italy),

14,30-15,30 – Arena Booksotck Lingotto Fiere, Via Nizza 280, Torino public presentation of L’universo a portata di mano with Antonio Pascale

15,45-17,00 – Il Stand – public discussion on the success of physics and science in the editorial market.

18:00 – Scuola Holden, piazza Borgo Dora 49 – Public speech on L’universo a portata di mano.




5 thoughts on “GREECE AND ITALY”

  1. Dear Mr. Galfard,

    My daughter Maritina, is a great great fan of yours. Having met you yesterday at her school ” Ελληνογερμανική Αγωγή” she was over the moon, talking about you enthusiastically until late at night.
    I couldn’t help it, so first thing this morning I have ordered from “Public” stores your books ” The Universe In Your Hand” both in English ( 2015 edition)and Greek.
    Dear Christofe I would appreciate if you could write her a small dedication to include it with your books, which I am sure she will truly value.
    Sincerely yours,
    Leonidas Roussos

    1. Dear Leonidas,
      Many thanks for your message. I will do that. Do please tell me to which address to post it.
      All best,
      PS: I am leaving Greece tomorrow morning so do please send it to me today!

      1. Dear Christofe,
        Thank you very very mutch for your reply, I know that will make my daughter extatic.
        The postal address is the following:
        “8 Anaxagora str.
        I wish you all the best.

        Kind Regards,

  2. Dear Mr. Galfard,

    I am a 14 years old boy from Volos,Greece.One week ago I bought the Greek version of the book “The Universe In Your Hand” and I am really amazed!”The Universe In Your Hand” is my first book about the Universe and I like you way of writting!

    I want to thank you about making me love Astronomy!

    Sincerely yours,
    Ioannis Skrimpas

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