4 thoughts on “A new “Big Think” video about Dark Energy”

  1. Hello Mr. Galfard,
    I just watched your video and must congratulate you once again for the special aptitude of yours to explain pieces of our knowledge about the majesty of our universe in such entertaining and easy-to-comprehend ways!

    Though, one question came to my mind,while watching the video; does this expansion occur only to the visible universe,or does it also happen beyond the surface of last scattering?

    I tried to find the answer in your book,but I didn’t manage that! So,please excuse me if it is already mentioned somewhere… To sum up, I would like to thank you beforehand and encourage you to keep filling us with so many beautiful pictures!
    With kind regards,

    1. Many thanks for your kind words, dear Helen,

      The expansion, as we see it today, should have happened (be happening) everywhere. Now remember, the surface of last scattering lies in the past, 13.8 billion years ago. And around that time (and before), there should have been an expansion everywhere too.
      That being said, these are suppositions inferred from what we see within the visible universe. They are substantiated by many different experimental data, though, and they are the best way we have, as of today, to make sense of what we see.
      Hope this helps!
      And many thanks again for your kind comments about my book!
      All best,

  2. Christophe,
    Thank you for this huge effort (but also talent) to describe something so big and difficult in the most simple way for us to understand. I can imagine this is not easy for you!
    You mentioned a new force, that should exist, that should offset in a way gravity and that goes beyond and allows the universe to expand. Do you mean that this is a “new” force, something that is not gravity or electromagnetic force or nuclear force? Any suggestions where I could do some reading and some searching on this “new” force? Have the scientists even think of a possible law that describes this force?
    Looks really exiting!!!
    I have discovered your books quite recently so I have started from the beginning! I am reading the first book of “Le Prince des Nuages” and I really enjoy all the great examples you have chosen to describe to teenagers the phenomena of Physics. I smile when I read because I think of a very intelligent scientist who tries hard to inspire young people!
    Thanks in advance for your answer!
    All the best on what you do!!

    1. Thank you for your kind message Angeliki, well, my “The Universe in Your Hand” should be a good place to start learning about this “new force” (which is actually called Dark Energy).
      All the best,

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