So far, I have written 4 award-winning children book novels explaining the science of our world to children aged 9-13, and one essay for adults, about the Universe.

The children books are:

George's Secret Key to the Universe

George’s Secret Key to the Universe, written with Stephen and Lucy Hawking.

Published by Random House Children’s Books (UK), Simon and Schuster (US) and in 43 other countries.





Le Prince des nuages T 1

Le Prince des Nuages (The Prince of the Clouds), a trilogy about how our planet works.

Published by PKJ (France) and in 8 other countries.

There is a blog for this trilogy, in French,  here.




The forthcoming essay is:

The Universe in your Hand, UK cover

The Universe in your Hand, to be published in Spring 2015 by:

UK: Macmillan / US: Flatiron Books / France: Flammarion / South Korea: Random House South Korea / Greece: Kalendis