Interview from Napa Valley

From Jeff Schechtman’s blog:

“For better or worse, particularly for those of us here in the Bay Area, we have come to think of science in rather utilitarian terms. A better phone, a better app, or a better car.

In fact science, especially theoretical physics, is or should be the real lens through which we see the world. It is our understanding of the larger universe that shapes how we see our place in it and that more than the latest gadget, shapes our times.

It’s why we need to understand that world and why we need guides along the way like Stephen Hawking and Christophe Galfard. Galfard, a protege of Hawking and has just published The Universe in Your Hand: A Journey Through Space, Time, and Beyond.”

The podcast of my conversation with Jeff Schechtman can be found on Jeff’s blog, here.

The Universe in your Hand, US cover
The Universe in your Hand, US cover


After New-York and Stockholm in the past two weeks, I am now off to Athens and Torino for the Greek and Italian versions of “The Universe in Your Hand”.  If you are around, come and ask me questions about our universe! (The venues are listed below)Capture d’écran 2016-05-08 à 20.59.06The schedule for my public talks is:

Monday 9 May: Eugenides Foundation in Athens, at 19h00 (7pm)

Wednesday 11 May: Chania (Crete)

Friday 13 May: Torino (Italy),

14,30-15,30 – Arena Booksotck Lingotto Fiere, Via Nizza 280, Torino public presentation of L’universo a portata di mano with Antonio Pascale

15,45-17,00 – Il Stand – public discussion on the success of physics and science in the editorial market.

18:00 – Scuola Holden, piazza Borgo Dora 49 – Public speech on L’universo a portata di mano.